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Rangla Punjab by Haveli

Gidha Bhangra

An enthralling performance exhibiting the traditional folk dances of Punjab, Bhangra and Gidda. Bhangra is an energised dance-form usually performed by men and gidda is a graceful dance involving ‘claps’ usually performed by women.

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Not just men, the puppets here are also skilled to entertain. They’re seen every evening flaunting their dance moves with sheer grace and flexibility.

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Tricks that'll make you forget about 'illusion' and get you thinking about 'magic'! The show might not have the grand theatrics of a stage but it will leave you with the incredible effect of magic.

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It's not just witnessing the creation of exquisite art, it's the experiential of immersing your hands in soft clay and allowing your senses to give shape to art. It's an experiential of bliss.

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Khoo diya Tinda

A décor masterpiece, this will take you back in time and instil a yearning for living the ‘pind’ life.

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Haar-Shingar di Hatti

An array of colourful, artistic traditional artefacts from Punjabi jutti’s to phulkaris, giving you the opportunity to take back a piece of Punjab with you.

Punjab Da Julaha

Punjab Da Julaha

This aged-man will help you revisit the golden era of Punjab by demonstrating live weaving of khadi cloth.

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Pandit Kali Charan

A step into your future and back - that’s the kind of ride Panditji will take you for. A skilled astrologer and palmist, he’ll help you discover some incredible opportunities and pathways.

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Bhands are traditional performing artists tickling the funny bones of Punjabis since generations. Their stories, dialogue delivery and sheer presence will keep you spell-bound and in a riot of laughter!

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